• Frank Trovao
    • President – 20+ years of experience. Mr. Trovao is the founder and oversees every aspect of The Christmas Light Guy Company. He is a true entrepreneur and innovator and continues to push the holiday lighting industry forward with his vast knowledge, experience, leadership, and customer rapport. With over 25 years of electrical experience, Mr. Trovao is also highly skilled and experienced in training, hiring, crew management, operations, engineering, project management/planning, quality control, product engineering/fabrication, design, tools/equipment training, troubleshooting, and risk management. Beyond holiday décor product and lighting, his focus is the customer and servicing their needs to the fullest, offering alternative approaches and finding ways to make their vision come to life. Mr. Trovao has a hands-on approach and is onsite to personally oversee
  • Andrea Trovao
    • General Manager – Mrs. Trovao has been with the company for over 15 years and has been a main driving force behind the success of The Christmas Light Guy Company. She has strong analytical, organizational, and management skills with a passion for Holiday Décor. Mrs. Trovao is responsible for the management of sales and operations, working alongside Mr. Trovao, while executing company policies, procedures, and programs. She is also highly involved and has over 15 years of experience in purchasing, design, preparing presentations, bid specifications, and proposals. She has personally managed and serviced many cities, shopping center, and high-profile clients.
  • Ray Ferlisi
    • Operations Manager – We were very excited to welcome Mr. Ferlisi to the company last year, as he brings over 15 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Ferlisi’ extensive experience includes managing the operations office, writing, and implementing policies and procedures, including safety programs, and has been responsible for equipment, training, maintenance, and the scheduling of over 250 seasonal installations annually. Mr. Ferlisi has already exceeded expectations in his role, delivering on time projects, with safety, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction of paramount importance. His main duties include, but are not limited to leading installation crews, operations/project management, hiring and training staff, order procurement and delivery of tools and equipment to job sites.