WREATH_1Since 1998 The Christmas Light Guy Co. has provided comprehensive holiday and event lighting services to the home and business owners of the Los Angeles area. Our priority is to provide our customers with beautiful lighting installments and superior customer service. In fact, most of our customers have been with us since the beginning and the bulk of our advertising has simply been through word of mouth.

With a client-base that includes high-profile and celebrity clients, as well as some of California’s most exclusive neighborhoods and associations, the team at The Christmas Light Guy Co. is exceedingly proud of our solid reputation for installing beautiful lighting displays while providing outstanding customer service.

Professional Installation

When the holidays or other special events come up, it is difficult to find the time to decorate your property for the occasion. The thought of hauling out the ladder, rolls of lights, patterns, and other supplies seems daunting. Thankfully, The Christmas Light Guy Co. can easily provide you with professionally installed lighting displays of various complexities. Our team is fully insured and installation includes all of the necessary materials. If any problems arise with your installation, The Christmas Light Guy Co. offers free 24-hour maintenance service.

Custom Designs

When you contact the Christmas Light Guy Co. we will listen to all of your ideas and wishes and put together a custom designed installation plan. Whether your needs are for a holiday or a special event, we understand the importance of making the right impression, and our team will collaborate with you to design and install a display that is impressive to your guests and representative of exactly what you were envisioning.

Residential Installation

Whether you would like landscape, roofline, tree lighting, or all of the above the experts at The Christmas Light Guy Co. can handle the task. We have a full inventory of lights and display materials to turn your lighting ideas into a reality. When your guests arrive to your home for your special event, they will be completely blown away by your professionally installed lighting display. Your home will be festive and uniquely in celebration of the special occasion.

Commercial Installation
As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to make a good impression on our customers. One way you can do this without exception, is to have a professionally installed lighting display that is representative of the special occasion they are visiting you for. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or a special sale, the team at The Christmas Light Guy Co. will make sure that your commercial property stands out from all other buildings and successfully attracts your customers.

There is nothing tackier than a beautifully installed lighting display … with burned out lights scattered throughout. Luckily, The Christmas Light Guy Co. provides complimentary 24-hour fast response maintenance service to address any display issues before they make a bad impression. Once your event or holiday is passed, our team will arrive to your location in a timely manner to remove the lighting display and restore your property to the way it was. If you need an exquisite, professionally installed lighting display, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at The Christmas Light Guy Co.